The Child Requiring Assistance Program (CRA)

The CRA Program (Child Requiring Assistance) is a program that helps youth who are having issues with the home, school, and/or community. A Family Partner and a Clinician work together with a family to provide assessments, resources, and referrals to both formal clinical resources and community programs. The Brockton Family Center’s CRA team attend court on Tuesdays in Brockton and Wednesdays in Wareham to meet families and complete intakes in the community. A family does not need to file a CRA to utilize this important and free assessment and referral program.

Our Clinician is available on site to assist families in identifying their individual needs and help develop a family support plan. While Our Family Partner works with you and your family, along with our clinician, to develop the family support plan that best meets your needs and support you to achieve your goals.

Any family who feels their child is at risk of or meets one of the below criteria can call The Family Center to schedule an intake to talk about CRA services:

  • Runaway: A child between the ages of 6 and 18 who “repeatedly runs away from the home of a parent, legal guardian or custodian having custody of the child”.
  • Stubborn Child”: A child between 6 and 18 who repeatedly fails to obey reasonable home rules, thereby interfering with the parent’s ability to care for the child.
  • Habitual School Offender”: A child between the ages of 6 and 18 who repeatedly fails to obey school rules.
  • Habitual Truant”: A child between 6 and 18, who, without excuse, willfully fails to attend school for more than 8 days in a quarter.
  • Sexually Exploited Child”: Any person under 18 who has been subjected to sexual exploitation. This includes anyone who: is the victim of sexual servitude or sex trafficking; engages in sexual conduct for a fee or in exchange for food, shelter, clothing, education or care; is the victim of the crime of inducing a minor into prostitution; or engages in common night walking/street walking.


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