Our Programs

Below are some of the programs that our staff member help facilitate!

Brockton Parents Magazine

Brockton Parents Magazine (BPM) is volunteer initiative and inclusive of all families.  Goal is to inform readers about local resources, answer questions, and create a community that shares advice from experiences in and around the Greater Brockton area. 

Clemente Course

The Clemente Course in the Humanities® is a unique educational institution that teaches the humanities at the college level to people living in economic distress. Low-Income residents are given tuition-free. Click here for information.

The Child Requiring Assistance Diversionary Program (CRA)

Goal is to assist families and their youth having trouble at home, school, or community. A Family Partner and a Clinician collaborate to provide assessments, resources, and referrals.

Grandparents Raising Again

This peer-led support group focuses on the stress of grandparents raising children again, and ways to cope and learn by what others are doing.

South Shore Leadership Conference

The conference aims to empower South Shore residents. Goal is to build leadership skills to help local residents to become actively engaged in advocacy work in their communities. 

Citizenship Consultation

The Citizenship Clinic is for any immigrant (with no criminal record) who is able to speak English and has been a legal permanent resident for five years or three years if married to a US citizen.

Parenting Journey

Parenting Journey is an innovative program that provides opportunities for mothers, fathers, and caregivers to develop themselves as nurtured and nurturing people. It is a 12-week curriculum based program. Key elements are positive strengths-based approach, self-reflection, a unique evidence-informed curriculum, leading by example, respect, and diversity.

Nurturing Fathers

Nurturing Fathers is a  12-week curriculum-based program to help fathers find healthy ways to nurture themselves so that they can be effective parents. This training course is designed to teach parenting and nurturing skills to men. Each two and half hour class provides proven, effective skills for healthy family relationships and child development.

Past Programs

Below are some of the programs that are currently inactive, please stay tuned for more details!  

Parenting in America

The Parenting in America curriculum was developed specifically to address the unique challenges immigrant parents face as their families adapt to American culture. This curriculum provides them with an opportunity to share their experiences while honoring their cultural strengths and helping them to overcome adversities of living in the United States and raising their third culture children.


Unlock the bias

Unlock is an oppportunity for youth and young adults to discuss social justice topics in a safe environment. Along with monthly discussions, it also has a blog where members (and the outside community) can share thier creative work. It encourages youth to expand their thinking and open their minds to new ideas and perspectives.

Let's Talk (English 101)

This is a Basic English conversation class for Brazilian and Portuguese speakers or someone who understand Brazilian and Portuguese. It is a 6 week based curriculum class. It took places on Mondays from 6-8 pm.

Naturalization Prep

The Naturalization prep is an eight-week class to support people who are unable to study civic test on their own by providing all the assistance they need in order to successfully pass the test. The participants are green card holder and it take place 3 times a year.


Cori Sealing

Cori Sealing is a workshop during which a group of lawyers helps individual to get information on how seal to their criminal record sealed. Sealing of criminal record does not get rid of it, but fewer people can see it. After the records are sealed, most employers, landlords, and others will not be able to see the records when they do a CORI check. It took place twice a year.

Extended Summer Program

Extended-summer program is a month fun program where a group of smart, dedicated and passionate teenagers organized a fun-activities for children from 7 to 12 years old. The program was run Monday through Thursday from 9:30-2:00 pm.  The participants were given breakfast and lunch. They played sports like football, basketball, soccer and, kickball. On a rainy day, they did arts and crafts or watch a movie of their choice.
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