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Brockton Parents Magazine was founded in 2010 by parents in the community. It relies on the efforts and dedication of community members as well as community organizations and businesses who support the magazine’s mission.

Our mission is to promote family values and strengthen family bonds. The quarterly magazine devotes itself to educating and inspiring its readers about issues surrounding parenting and caregiving for children of all ages. Articles are written by community members and are designed to open a forum for communication and support. While it was started by parents, BPM seeks to inform parents and caregivers of all kinds. Families in today’s age are made up of many varying dynamics and we recognize that a caregiver may be someone other than a biological parent.

Our magazine is inclusive of all families. It is our goal to inform our readers about local resources, answer questions, and create a community that shares advice from experiences in and around the Greater Brockton area.



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BPM | Winter 2017

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Want to bring your skill-set to our magazine? We’re always on the lookout for volunteers to help contribute articles, photographs, recipes, ideas or even edit and layout our magazine. Here is our current editorial team. Just send a note to join this list and get involved.
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